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Flutter / Flutterflow Developer Consultant Intern, Copenhagen

Denmark, Capital Region Of Denmark, Copenhagen
Udgivet 2024-06-11
Udløber 2024-06-13
ID #2188932378
Flutter / Flutterflow Developer Consultant Intern, Copenhagen
Denmark, Capital Region Of Denmark, Copenhagen,
Udgivet June 11, 2024


No Gapps is something more than an IT consultancy.

We turn your ideas into reality, fast.

We understand rapid development is what decides if the product fails or succeeds.

Your MVP should be something that solves the problem your customers have, like their head is on fire, and all they have is a brick to put it out.

We help identify and implement the most critical features that will solve your customers’ pressing problems quickly and effectively.

Join our mission.

Get vast experience in consultancy and entrepreneurship.

Responsibilities: Develop essential features of a mobile application.

Design and implement changes using no-code or low-code tools.

Collaborate with the backend team to integrate APIs.

Integrate AI voicebot functionality.

Requirements: Experience with Flutter.

Familiarity with no-code or low-code tools.

(Nice-to-have) Familiarity with Git Hub.

(Nice-to-have) Experience with Flutter Flow.

(Nice-to-have) Experience with voice assistants or bots.

Ideal Candidate: Adaptable to fast-paced environment.

Comfortable with learning on the go.  Able to work within multiple projects at once.  Proactive and self-motivated.  Tech-savvy and interested in newest technologies.  Eager to learn and dive deep into new areas.

Why Join Our Startup? Real-world experience.  Mentorship and guidance.  Diverse responsibilities and getting hands dirty within different departments.  Networking with entrepreneurs and other software developers.  Potential for future opportunities as a paid employee or a freelancer.  Flexibility in terms of working hours. 


Jobtype: Fuld tid
Kontrakttype: Praktik
Løn type: Månedlige
Beskæftigelse: Flutter / flutterflow developer consultant intern

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