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Au Summer University – Guest Lecturers At Department Of Economics And Business Economics, Aarhus

Denmark, Central Denmark Region, Aarhus
Udgivet 2024-06-11
Udløber 2024-06-11
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Au Summer University – Guest Lecturers At Department Of Economics And Business Economics, Aarhus
Denmark, Central Denmark Region, Aarhus,
Udgivet June 11, 2024


Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, hereby invites international faculty members to teach for two or three weeks in July or August 2025 at AU Summer University.

Course suggestions At the Department of Economics and Business Economics, we are looking for lecturers who can teach at Bachelor or Master’s level within, but not limited to, the following fields: Business Intelligence Machine and Deep Learning – Applications and Case Studies in Business Artificial Intelligence and Generative Artificial Intelligence in Business Explainable Artificial Intelligence Ecommerce, Web and Social Media Analytics in Business Programming for Business Business Economics Industrial Organization and Trade Finance Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Sustainable Finance Private Equity Market Microstructure Trading (High Frequency) Commodity Markets Quantum Computing in Finance Artificial Intelligence in Finance Quantitative Methods in Economics Business Operations Logistics and Supply Chain Lean Management Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence Inter-disciplinary courses involving business and economics disciplines We invite particularly proposals for specialized courses and courses that do not overlap with our current teaching portfolio (please check our) - for information on bachelor and master level programs offered by the department please press the relevant links: You can find examples of 2024 courses Please submit your course proposal along with your CV and Ph D diploma.

If you wish to propose more than one course, please submit two different applications (by using two different e-mail addresses).

Do not include two proposals in the same application.

IMPORTANTYour course proposal should contain a brief outline of aim, main contents, learning objectives and teaching methods.

Please state the proposed level (BA or MA).

Applications that do not contain a course proposal will not be taken into consideration.

Note that the teaching will take place on-site at Aarhus University.

Application guide and template Please use our course description template for your course proposal and upload it as your application.

You can find the template and consult our application guide Salary The salary offered is 8075 EURO.

We also pay for one return ticket on economy class.

Your salary will be subject to taxation in Denmark, and the tax rate will be around 25%.

Double taxation agreements may have an influence on the total taxation of your income in Denmark when declared at home.

Teaching periods for 2025 You can choose to run your course in Term 1: 2 July - 18 July 2025or Term 2: 23 July - 8 August 2025 You are expected to teach all weekdays from 9-13, start and end date included.

Class sizes range between 20 and 40 students.

Besides teaching, we expect you to assess the written exam and two retakes.

Selection criteria Candidates are expected to hold a Ph D degree and will be selected according to their teaching and research experience, and publication record within the field of the proposed course.

The relevance of the proposed course is also an important criterion.

Specialized courses and courses not already in our teaching portfolio will be preferred.

Contact details For further information on academic matters, candidates are invited to contact Associate Professor Ana Alina Tudoran by email: For information on practical matters, please contact Program Coordinator Troels Storm Olin, email: For further information about the program and our services,


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Beskæftigelse: Au summer university – guest lecturers at department of economics and business economics

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