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Staff Software Engineer, Taastrup

Denmark, Capital Region Of Denmark, Taastrup
Udgivet 2024-05-16
Udløber 2024-05-17
ID #2156726497
Staff Software Engineer, Taastrup
Denmark, Capital Region Of Denmark, Taastrup,
Udgivet May 16, 2024


At Neurons, we're not just innovating; we're revolutionizing marketing by predicting consumer responses in seconds.

Merging groundbreaking AI with profound neuroscience insights, we enable brands to understand and engage with their audiences like never before.

If you're eager to be at the vanguard of this transformation and are passionate about harnessing these rapid, cutting-edge insights, your place is with us! As a Staff Software Engineer at Neurons, you will dive into the heart of our innovative customer behavior prediction platform.

This role positions you at the forefront of our engineering efforts, where you will lead the development of new features and oversee the robust maintenance of our core systems.

Your work ensures the delivery of exceptional software that meets the critical needs of our customers.

You’ll harness a diverse tech stack including Python/Django, Go, Google Cloud Platform, Postgre SQL, React JS, and React-Query.

This variety offers a rich environment for technical creativity and problem-solving.

As a pivotal member of our team, you will drive the product's journey from initial concept to full-scale production, facing complex coding challenges and mastering technological complexities along the way.

Your key responsibilities in this role will include: Cloud Infrastructure and Security Leadership Take primary responsibility for our cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud, ensuring robust, secure, and scalable solutions that support our business objectives.

Lead the development and implementation of our security roadmap, regularly evaluating and enhancing security protocols and measures.

Act as a key member of the Information Security Committee, contributing to strategic decisions and policy formulations that safeguard our data and systems.

Architectural and Software Design Design software components that are inherently secure and adaptable, simplifying complex systems into fundamental components through optimal solutions.

Make informed technology choices, including build vs.

buy decisions, and select appropriate frameworks for system components to ensure architectural integrity and cost-efficiency.

Conduct high-quality reviews of designs across teams, resolving cross-module design and API issues effectively.

Testing and Documentation Develop and oversee the testing strategies for critical systems, ensuring high reliability and adherence to quality standards through comprehensive validation systems and testing frameworks.

Lead the documentation efforts by writing up RFCs for decision-making and referencing, and documenting architectural decisions in ADRs that guide engineering practices.   Collaboration and Compliance  Work closely with the legal and compliance departments to support customer procurements and ensure compliance controls are met, facilitating smooth and secure business operations.

Drive technical discoveries that support product development, delivering well-documented insights and strategies to the product manager, ensuring alignment with the broader technical and business strategy.

  What you will need: To be successful in this role, we think you would need:  8+ years of experience with a robust background in backend development and system architecture.

Proven leadership in managing complex software projects.

Deep hands-on expertise in Go with substantial experience in production environments.

Additional proficiency in Python/Django is highly valued.

Strong command over database managemen t and optimization techniques for Postgre SQL, My SQL, and No SQL systems, enhancing application efficiency.

Demonstrated ability to design and implement monolithic and microservices architectures.

Proficiency in cloud services , particularly Google Cloud Platform, and familiar with AWS and Azure.

Highly skilled in Docker , ensuring robust, scalable container management and deployment strategies.

Expert in creating and managing CI/CD pipelines and conducting various forms of testing (unit, component, integration) to maintain high software quality.

Experience in overseeing security protocols , contributing to security roadmaps, and supporting compliance and legal requirements in a technology environment.

Ability to document technical processes and decisions (ADRs, RFCs) effectively, guiding project directions and technology choices.

Skilled in agile methodologies , adapting to evolving project requirements while maintaining team focus and productivity.

Join the Neurons Movement Innovation at the Core: At Neurons, innovation is our driving force.

From our CEO to every team member, we foster forward-thinking and leverage data and AI to revolutionize our industry.

Join us in a dynamic environment where pushing boundaries is celebrated.

Team Spirit and Cultural Foundation: Our 11-year legacy speaks volumes about our commitment to nurturing a workplace where camaraderie and shared values fuel success.

Surround yourself with a team that elevates collaboration and individual growth.

High-Performance Focus: We're results-driven, but what sets us apart is our holistic approach.

Join a culture that balances ambition with empathy, where success is measured in relationships and impact.

We're not just building products; we're fostering a revolution.

Our diverse team of 70 talents from 30 nations celebrates individuality. Here, inclusivity isn't just a checkbox — it's our heartbeat.

We celebrate individuality, welcoming everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, or any other identifier.

If you're driven by growth, fueled by responsibility and guided by integrity, join us in redefining consumer neuroscience, where every voice and idea matter.

In our vibrant and inclusive culture, innovation thrives.

We believe that true progress stems from the freedom to be yourself, to express your ideas without fear, and to collaborate with colleagues who challenge and inspire you.

At Neurons, the journey is as extraordinary as the destination.

Come aboard and discover a career experience where innovation, camaraderie, and meaningful results intersect in ways you've never imagined.

We offer an array of benefits We are a company that takes pride in the health & well-being of all our employees, with initiatives such as yoga practice , healthy breaks , and  mental health resources.

We enjoy coming together for our Friday Hygge, where you might find us singing karaoke, playing bingo, video games or board games.

Other benefits include: In-house lunch Pension Plan  Private Health insurance Parental leave benefits Quarterly company events Team Events


Jobtype: Fuld tid
Kontrakttype: Permanent
Løn type: Månedlige
Beskæftigelse: Staff software engineer

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